Enchanted Wish™ Eau de Toilette

2 fl. oz.


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This whimsical, fruity-floral scent is inspired by women who find enchantment in the everyday.
  • Top notes: granny smith apple, orange oil Brazil, white pineapple, candied petals
  • Middle notes: stargazer lily, peony, fresh ozone, passion fruit
  • Bottom notes: brown sugar, warm amber, illuminating musk
  • Makes a great gift for her

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Enchanted Wish™ Eau de Toilette

An imagination set free can find magic in monotony, enchantment in the everyday and happiness hiding in plain sight. Enchanted Wish™ Eau de Toilette is a fruity-floral scent inspired by the unconventional woman who trusts her curious spirit completely, knows the real world is a magical place and sees her every wish is within her reach.

Application Tips

Spray fragrance onto pulse points – neck, wrists and bends of arms.

How It Works

The scent of a fragrance can change throughout the day, as this is because different ingredients come into play at various stages of the fragrance’s life on the skin. Perfumers distinguish between the various stages in three ways:

Top Notes: These notes introduce the fragrance and can last up to 15 minutes.

Middle Notes: Also known as the heart of the fragrance, the middle notes unfold and develop a few minutes after the fragrance is applied to the skin. They appear after the top notes disappear and can last throughout the whole fragrance experience.

Bottom Notes: These create the final impression and also the most lasting. They can last several hours after the fragrance is applied.