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There are more than 3.5 million independent sales force members across the globe, and they each started their own Mary Kay business with the support of this universal sisterhood.

For more than 50 years, Mary Kay has helped women from Kansas to Kazakhstan discover extra income, a unique comaradery and true beauty from the inside out.

As Mary Kay Ash herself often said, “Success is much, much deeper than just dollars and cents and buildings and assets. The real success of our Company is measured to me in the lives that have been touched and given hope."

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Special Events

Annual special events help you boost your business with education, motivation, recognition and a great time spent with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of your fellow Beauty Consultants.

Held every year, Seminar is Mary Kay's grandest celebration – the place to savor your achievements and kick-start your dreams. Career Conference, Leadership Conference, local events and team meetings throughout the year also help you stay motivated, learn new skills and talk through challenges with women at many different stages of their businesses and their life journeys.

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Company Support and Education

From your Starter Kit to your first customer to your first skin care class, the Company is here to help you begin your business journey, celebrate your successes along the way and support you when you find your next business challenge.

Anytime you have questions, simply give the Company a call! Customer service representatives are ready and available to help give you the answers you need.

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